How to diet your way through Christmas.

Here it is, my dieters guide on “How to survive Christmas” and still enjoy Christmas. Oh yes Christmas does not need to be “Bah Humbug“ when you are watching the calories.
Instead be realistic, refocus and be positive .

Be realistic, you can not avoid all the drink and food during the festive season, nor should you, but you can avoid some of the calories. With a little forethought and careful planning you will be successful.

Refocus, change your goal from weight loss to weight maintenance and do not set yourself up to fail. Any loss that you have during the holidays will be an added bonus.

Be positive, now you have set yourself a realistic goal and refocused you are in control, it is your choice not something that is forced on you.

Remember it’s easy to eat 3500 calories, the number of calories in ONE POUND, but not so easy to lose it!wpid-survivechristmas-1-2012-11-19-20-04.jpg

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Third Newsletter

At long last I have produced another newsletter and therefore another blog. Some of you may begin to see a pattern here but I can reassure you that my blog will become independent of the newsletter in the coming months with articles concerning weight loss and weight management coming to the fore.


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Second Newsletter

My  Second Newsletter

New York New York so good I went twice….

This is my second newsletter but my first attempt at a blog entry so a brief resume about me for anyone who does not know me.

My name is Christine Bentley and I am a full time Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant based in Ilkeston Derbyshire. I am the current Consultant of the Year 2012 for Cambridge Weight Plan having been chosen for this accolade in part due to my customer service.

I work from home in a purpose built office which provides privacy and a professional environment for my one-to-one appointments. Additionally I have two external venues, one at Carlton, Nottingham on Monday afternoons and early evenings. The second is at Long Eaton, Derbyshire on Wednesday afternoons and early evenings. Again there are no group meetings every appointment is held on a one-to-one basis.

All appointments are 15 minutes and once weekly.

The aim of my blog is to reach out to my existing client base in an environmentally positive way as opposed to paper newsletters. The option of a paper newsletter remains the blog is just a further way of reaching out. A second aim is to help promote Cambridge Weight Plan and my consultancy. Due to the nature of this medium it is possible that this blog is being read by people who are not in my “catchment” area. In this case I would urge anyone interested in Cambridge Weight Plan to visit :

From this website you will be able to discover everything about Cambridge Weight Plan and even find a consultant in their area who will be able to help them on their weight loss journey.

This blog is organic and will evolve and grow as I become more proficient in my “blogging”. My intention is that this will be used to update my clients on newsworthy topics that can not wait for a newsletter and as a vehicle for my newsletter. in addition diet related topics which will empower the reader will be included.

So what is Cambridge Weight Plan?

Cambridge Weight Plan is the basis of a flexible range of weight management programmes aimed at both men and women.
Cambridge Weight Plan products can be used as the sole source of nutrition for fast, predictable weight loss with nutritional assurance; with conventional food for more gradual weight loss or weight maintenance and nutritional supplementation.
Our programmes range from 440kcal to 1500+kcal per day; and are all nutritionally balanced to provide you with your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins and minerals.

(Excerpt taken from Cambridge Weight Plan website)

I hope that you will find this blog / newsletter of interest. Also if it helps you begin, re-commence or re-engage with your weight loss journey then I will have achieved my aim.


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